Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Awe...The Memories

I had a long day, night, week...After digging my hand thievishly into my sisters box of Honey Nut Chex, all my stresses were carried away. I know, I know...You are probably thinking, "Your sister has her OWN box of cereal" and maybe you are also wondering how one little bite of a breakfast cereal could make it all better. I will tell you how: It took me back to a time in my grandmothers kitchen when I was 12 where I decided I really liked Chex. Now this of course was way before the array of different chex flavors was introduced to our cereal isle. I remember that day like it was yesterday...It was a late night snack while g'ma was asleep and we attempted to make her french toast and polish my uncles toes while he was in dream land.
I remember that night, while indulging in my tasty snack, how much my mom liked the cereal (hints why she bought it). And of memory leads to another and so on and so on. Any thought of my mother and grandmother can make any bad day good! So there you have it...My chain of memories

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Who wants a massage?

I started Massage therapy school this week. My wonderful schedule is Massage 1 starting at 9a.m. and going until 3 p.m. and Anatomy from 6p.m. until 9p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first week went well, a lot of introduction of stuff which was a huge bore (I am not going to lie)…
I think I am going to blog my experiences through the next year as far as massage school…They say to embrace this time because it’s going to fly by. Is that a promise? Even before I started I wanted it to be over. I am excited to learn massage and all that comes with it, but can I be honest here and say I was enjoying my ‘lax’ lifestyle I had before? Working 3.5 days (at the most) was quite enjoyable especially with the cash flow that came with it. Taking Ty jamba juice on a regular basis and having coffee with friends whenever was nice too.
All of a sudden I have one day a week off which will be done doing the loads of homework I have, no more church on Tuesdays which will in turn make me give up my shift at the recreation center (the one I have held for almost 3 years) so I can go to church…or do homework on Sundays. Which is the greater sacrifice right?
But beyond all this complaining let me say that I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to continue my education, especially now, before I have children and greater responsibilities. I hope I can use my knowledge to benefit the people in my life and people I have yet to meet. Also, I am grateful for my support system particularly Ty. Right now I look to him most for support and he has most definitely shown that he is there for me…and that he is proud of me. That statement right there gives me the faith that this is good, and he is right there with me :-)