Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Body's a Temple...Part I

I think Kenny Chesney said it best in his song Living in Fast Forward: " The body's a temple, that's what we're told
I've treated this one like an old honky-tonk..." This came to my mind tonight when Brian Gray was speaking tonight at TNL-- On a side note:I think its amazing how God speaks through people and how I really needed to hear some of these things--The message tonight was titled "Temple", which was part 4 of a series they are doing on a book called Simply Christian by N.T. Wright. Everything Brian had to say was really interesting but nothing caught my attention like what he said at the end. He said something to the extent of, The Holy Spirit of God dwells in us, our bodies are his house (temple), and we should honor God with our bodies...the way we view our bodies should be seen through Gods eyes.
WOW...What a concept. I struggle with this, I struggle with being beautiful, or at least feeling beautiful. In my mind, feeling beautiful enables me to do things like going out of my house, going to work, talking to people and looking them in the face. If I feel "unpretty" then I find it being the excuse for not getting things done, not helping other people. I go to ridiculous amounts to make myself suitable for me. For example, my shampoo is $60 a bottle. I spend my money on vegan free shampoo in which I care nothing about instead of giving my money to charity, or church, or savings. I spend two hours getting ready instead of 20 minutes when I could use the rest of the time praying, or reading the bible. I know the people around me see a great need for this mindset to change...And I will admit that since I became a Christian, I realize the need for this to change... and I pray for God to change this in me. I should view my body as God's temple...he choses to reside in me and I should honor that and have faith in him enough to know that he knows what is good...and I am good for he created me.

As you may have seen, this is part I...Part II I will rebut!

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